As Twitchy reported, Steven Crowder released unedited video documenting his assault by union thugs in Lansing, Mich. Media lapdogs with far too much time and far too little shame have been frantically trying to discredit Crowder, but the evidence is indisputable.

Crowder, an avid martial artist and MMA fan, had offered his assailant the opportunity to fight him one-on-one:

But Crowder says the offer is off the table:

Still, it can’t hurt to have a professional fighter in your corner in case things get ugly again. MMA fighter Chael Sonnen tweeted his support for Crowder to his 256,000-plus followers this afternoon.

While truth-deniers are still blaming Crowder for being attacked:

At least Sonnen’s followers know where he stands when it comes to combating thuggery:

And, like Sonnen, can appreciate Crowder’s knack for verbal fisticuffs:

Indeed. Thank you, Chael Sonnen, for climbing into this ring.