Piers Morgan has a penchant for exploiting tragedies to push a political agenda, but this afternoon, he outdid himself in morbid fashion. Right after tweeting that his anti-gun views derive from his concern for murdered children …

… he said this:

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 3.13.50 PM

Morgan was being sarcastic, of course. But his ghoulish sense of humor and his tasteless timing failed to amuse. Twitterers were shocked, saddened, and thoroughly disgusted:





This much is clear: Piers Morgan is reveling in all the attention.

Just remember, Musket Morgan: It takes a “showboat” to know one.



Morgan may love the attention his idiocy brings him, but he’s not taking kindly to well-deserved criticism:


Pretty sure Morgan inspires hatred all on his own. And not only is he refusing to accept that he’s a colossal jackass, but he’s lashing out at anyone who dares to point it out:

Gee, projecting much, Piers? How pathetic.

The man has no shame.