Fresh from verbally and physically assaulting work freedom advocates in Lansing, SEIU members are taking their act to the streets of D.C. The greedy goons are in town to weigh in on the looming fiscal cliff. Their solution? “Economic fairness.” In other words, preservation of entitlements and even higher taxes for the wealthy. They’re using the hashtag #jobsnotcuts in an attempt to convince the public that they care about job preservation. But taxing wealthy job creators into oblivion will only hurt the working class.

Except punishing the wealthy is not the way to help the middle class. Targeting a segment of the population for its success is a great way to ensure that no one is successful.

Perhaps he should teach his Bubba the values of hard work and responsibility. No one is entitled to the American Dream.

Actually, Ms. Ball, Medicare is set to run out of funds all on its own. Republicans like Paul Ryan are trying to fix a broken program.

What these greedy protesters don’t seem to understand is that if wealth is eliminated, everyone will be worse off. But the truth doesn’t matter when it’s inconvenient.

SEIU also took it upon themselves to play Santa Claus, hauling lumps of coal to deliver to the naughty GOP for resisting redistributive policies:

Something tells us Santa wouldn’t agree with their reasoning.

Too bad they’re not using those sacks to draw attention to the huge number of jobs, many of which are union jobs, that are at stake because of Obama’s war on coal.

For a group so averse to wealth, it’s amazing how forcibly they demand that everything be handed to them on silver platters.

House Speaker John Boehner is the chief object of their affections:

We’re not sure what they have against Speaker Boehner. He’s already demonstrated an openness to the idea of raising taxes on wealthier Americans. At this point, conservatives are likely more hostile to Boehner.

With so much at stake, the last thing our government should be doing is taking advice from the SEIU. “Fairness” for all means justice for none.