As Twitchy reported, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has chosen Tea Party favorite Rep. Tim Scott to replace the departing Sen. Jim DeMint. Conservatives by and large are applauding the selection as a Tea Party victory. NBC lapdog Luke Russert, however, saw the news as an opportunity to dig up his trusty race card.

That’s right. According to Russert, Scott’s appointment to the Senate is raaaaaaaacist!!!!11! It’s all part of a grand scheme to rid the House of black Republicans. The intellectual gymnastics are truly a sight to behold, no?

Naturally, a handful of lefty dog-whistlers thanked Russert for calling attention to the GOP’s shameless racism and Scott’s status as a “token”:

Because, really. No way could a black Republican be promoted on the basis of his merit, right? It’s all got to be part of some nefarious plot!

Unlike those sneaky Republicans, Democrats would never be a party to such racism.

Hear those crickets chirping?

These folks raised a great point:

And where was Luke Russert when all that racism was going down? Why, busy polishing his lapdog race whistle!

Yeah, but if that’s true, what purpose does Russert serve, other than to be a punchline?

Indeed. Russert is in desperate need of new material. Meanwhile, maybe he could stop twisting himself into intellectual knots long enough to tip his hat incoming senator. Unlike “real reporter” Russert, Tim Scott has earned his title.

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