As Twitchy reported, conspiracists are foaming at the mouth over a nutty theory that links the fathers of the Aurora and Newtown shooters to the global LIBOR banking scandal. After we debunked this hoax, Talking Points Memo’s Benjy Sarlin penned a column in which he debunked it as well — and lumped Twitchy in with the wackos.

TPM’s editor Josh Marshall also tweeted out a link to Sarlin’s post:


Sarlin linked to Twitchy in the bit about the hoax “quickly spreading across social media.” Not only did he fail to acknowledge Twitchy’s role in the debunking, but he suggested that we were involved in perpetuating the ridiculousness. Twitchy CEO Michelle Malkin wasn’t having any of it, and she called on him to own up to his slimy innuendos:

Sarlin reflexively denied any wrongdoing:

No, Benjy. Citing a post does not mean tossing it in as a vague hyperlink and twisting its intent. When Malkin reiterated that Sarlin had merely piggybacked on Twitchy’s post before insulting us:

Sarlin doubled down on the denial and even suggested that Twitchy be grateful for the attention:

He didn’t need to say it explicitly, though he may as well have. His column clearly implied that Twitchy was responsible for “fanning the flames.”

Then why didn’t Sarlin just say so in his post, rather than attribute the hoax’s spread to Twitchy?

Sarlin refused to admit that he’d made a mistake, so Malkin hoped that Josh Marshall would at least step up to the plate:

She was met with radio silence. For his part, Sarlin took the low road:

Ah, yes. When backed into a corner, hurl insults. That may fly in liberal circles, but not around here. Malkin took him straight to the woodshed, where he belongs:

Sarlin couldn’t handle it:

Again — he believes that we at Twitchy should get down on our knees and give thanks that he deigned to acknowledge our lowly presence. Unbelievable.

Let’s hope so. Sarlin’s certainly set the bar quite low.

Sarlin has yet to alter his post to reflect the truth. We have a feeling we’ll be waiting a while.