Last week, Dana Loesch announced that a fundraising page had been set up to raise reward money for information about the union thug who assaulted Steven Crowder. Donors had pooled together over $7000. But this afternoon, Loesch revealed that the page has been taken down essentially without explanation:

Crowder donation page

Loesch writes on her blog that Indiegogo, the fundraising platform, has flagged and “frozen” the campaign. So far, according to Loesch, no word on the reason for the freeze, nor has Indiegogo made clear whether the donations were processed. We sincerely hope that Indiegogo recognizes its error and gets the page back up and running.



Twitterer Jeryl Bier has found a cached version of the fundraising page, which reveals that donations had actually exceeded $9,000 before the page was frozen: