As Twitchy reported, ghoulish media hacks and lefty celebrities have spent today descending on the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, like flies. Gun control zealot Michael Moore is among the most depraved of them all. He’s taken to Twitter to exploit the deaths of 27 innocent people for political points:

Get that? The NRA wants your children dead.

That’s exactly what he thinks.

And that makes it OK?

That attitude is incredibly dangerous. By taking the responsibility away from the individual and placing it on a gun, what kind of message does that send? How do anti-gun activists expect to stop violence when they refuse to condemn the people who commit violent acts?

And who does Moore think he is? Plenty of Twitterers have a damn good idea, and they’re taking him to woodshed where he belongs:

That’s never stopped him before.

Well said. Too bad Moore is incapable of rational thought.

We don’t know how morally bankrupt Moore is able to look at himself. Cretin.