Four years ago, President Obama capped donations for his inauguration at $50,000. But these days, it seems that’s just not gonna cut it:

It’s true!

Sources say the new decision is driven by pragmatism: The president and his team just wrapped up the most expensive campaign in history — with costs topping $1 billion — and they’ve determined that their donors are simply tapped out.

The inaugural fundraising team will be screening each corporate donation. Those determined to pose a conflict of interest will be returned. For example, any company that still owes stimulus money or is vying for a big federal contact may be excluded.

We’re sure the donors will be screened very, very carefully.

Politico’s Donovan Slack also notes that “this isn’t the president’s first reversal from a previous stance on contributions. After nearly two years of blasting super PACs for their involvement in politics, as the election ramped up in February he announced he wouldn’t mind his supporters writing multimillion-dollar checks to the groups.”

Hmmm … funny, that. Conservatives were quick to notice this latest example of Obama’s intellectual inconsistency when it comes to money in politics:

He’s not a hypocrite; he’s evolving!

That’s right. It’s all about change.

Don’t bet on it. But, to be fair, some lefties are disappointed with the president’s apparent moral about-face:


Meanwhile, this conservative has found a silver lining in Obama’s reversal: