The conservative blogosphere is still buzzing over the news of Sen. Jim DeMint retiring to head the Heritage Foundation. Lefties predictably chimed in with giddy DeMint hate, but they weren’t alone. The Washington Post’s resident “conservative” columnist, Jennifer Rubin, pitched in with a gleeful hit piece on the departing senator, branding him an extremist and blaming him for the current political turmoil:

Now for the U.S. Senate, I am sure many senators on both sides are clicking their heels. DeMint has been a destructive force, threatening to primary colleagues, resisting all deals and offering very little in the way of attainable legislation. He has contributed more than any current senator to the dysfunction of that body. He has worsened relations between the House and Senate, as he did in the budget fights in recent years, by meddling and pressuring his home state representative. His departure leaves other senators who seemed impressed with his brand of politics free to find their way to a more constructive position in the body.

Rubin received support from a handful of conservatives:

But most weren’t remotely interested in bestowing praise upon her. Talk radio host Mark Levin pulled no punches in his response to Rubin’s piece, telling her to “go to hell.”

Levin’s sentiments were echoed by several people:

And Rubin quickly found herself the object of fierce derision:

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