As the news of Sen. Jim DeMint’s retirement sets in, political junkies are speculating as to who might succeed him. Tim Scott? Mick Mulvaney? Trey Gowdy? Could be. But what about potential Democratic challengers for the seat in the 2014 special election? Only one Democrat’s name is on everyone’s lips today: Alvin Greene.

Greene, if you’ll recall, is the rather shady but colorful character who, defying all logic, wound up on the Democratic Senate ticket against DeMint in 2010. For those still a bit fuzzy on the guy:

Surprising to no one, Greene was soundly throttled in the face-off. But perhaps 2014 will be his shot at redemption:

This South Carolina reporter attempted to contact Greene, to no avail:

But Greene might just be busy:

Weary citizens aren’t convinced that Greene’s what the doctor ordered:

Heh. Meanwhile, Twitterers are buzzing over an account purportedly belonging to Greene:

Is it really Greene, or merely a depraved impostor/genius?

This suggests the account is a parody. Then again

In any event, one thing’s indisputable: