Comedian and Fox News contributor Steven Crowder recently released a thought-provoking video dispelling the widespread myths about “harmless” marijuana. The truth was evidently a little too inconvenient for “Big Bang Theory” actor John Ross Bowie, who decided to don his troll suit. Crowder, you see, had tweeted about having a drink with dinner, and Bowie suggested hypocrisy. But Crowder wasn’t having any of it:

Steven Crowder's Manhattan

Crowder is right. Numerous studies suggest that moderate alcohol consumption may actually have health benefits. But a conservative citing science? To Bowie, that’s just nuts!

Gee, John. Condescending much?

Bowie just doesn’t get it.

Perhaps if Bowie were willing to quit buying into tired stereotypes about conservatives and take the time to actually listen to them, he might actually learn what constitutes “healthy debate.” Until then, we’ll just pour ourselves a drink.