Prior to yesterday’s U.N. vote to recognize Palestine as a nonmember observer state, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird gave an impassioned speech against Palestinian statehood.

Canada was one of only nine nations to vote against the resolution. Today, citing the UN’s decision as “an impediment to peace,” Baird is recalling Canadian diplomats from Israel, the West Bank, New York, and Geneva.

“I want to get a sense from the diplomats what they see on the ground, how they see things going, and how we can effectively respond to what could be a new reality,” Baird told CBC News in an interview from New York on Friday.

Baird’s move is drawing the ire of pro-Palestinian Canadians:

But Baird is absolutely right. The U.N. wore out its welcome a long time ago and is nothing but a colossal diplomatic joke. The U.S. would be wise to follow in Canada’s footsteps.