Twitchy has been documenting the strange, surreal tale of anti-virus software mogul John McAfee, currently wanted for murder in Belize. McAfee, who has written extensively about his psychoactive drug experimentation, is on the run from the Belizean authorities, but he’s apparently not about to let a little thing like that stifle his creativity. He has launched a blog, “The Hinterland,” to catalogue his escapades as he dodges the police.

More from Business Insider:

Mr. McAfee, 67, who is wanted for questioning about the murder of his neighbour in Belize … [details] the long and bizarre process of disguising himself as a Central American street seller with a limp on his personal blog.

In two separate posts today, he describes dying his beard, mutilating his nose with a “shaved tampon”, darkening his skin with shoe polish and convincing a reporter from the Associated Press that he was a poor Guatemalan who sold dolphin carvings for a living.

His street seller outfit was not the only disguise Mr. McAfee has attempted. He also dressed as a drunk German tourist, sporting “a partially bandaged face and wearing speedo swimming trunks and a distasteful, oversized Hawaiian shirt”. He took to “yelling loudly at anyone who would listen – ‘Leck mich um ausch!’,” which translates into English as “Lick me in the a—!”

Weird reading? That’s putting it mildly.