After linking to an interview between Bill Moyers and lefty author Naomi Klein on eeeeeeevil conservatives’ and capitalism’s roles in anthropogenic global warming, Cusack was shocked to discover that not everyone was buying what he was selling. Several Twitterers, rightly skeptical of the extent of humans’ role in climate change, confronted the actor.

That evidently pushed a button in his brain, and the insanity-inclined Cusack launched into a death spiral of stompy-footed wailing:

Hear that, guys? Forbes has an agenda! Unlike, say, Bill Moyers or Naomi Klein. Or Al Gore.

You heard him!

It doesn’t take a genius to spell “genius” properly, either. But there you go.

We’re unclear on what about Cusack’s ramblings constitutes a public service, but laughing at him is making us feel pretty good.

Hmmm … we’re gonna need a translator for that one. Maybe one of his admirers can lend a hand:


Meanwhile, skeptics continued to chip away at Cusack’s brand of climate change fear mongering: