During his press conference yesterday, President Obama lashed out at Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain over their criticism of UN Ambassador Susan Rice. The senators, who have led the charge demanding an investigation into the Bengazi attacks that killed four Americans, believe that Rice deliberately mislead the public by insisting that the attacks erupted spontaneously in response to a video, and they have vowed to block her confirmation if she is nominated for Secretary of State.

McCain addressed his criticism of Rice yesterday on CBS:

McCain criticized Rice for going “on national television in defiance of the facts 5 days later,” and added, “She is responsible to the Senate of the United States…I was on ‘Face the Nation’ the morning she came on and told that incredible story and right after the president of the Libyan National Assembly said it was al Qaeda…and yet she never changed her story.”

Referring to Rice, he said she was at a minimum, guilty of “not being very bright, because it was obvious that this was not a ‘flash mob’ and there was additional information by the time she went on every news show…in America.”

He insisted, “The consulate in Benghazi was turned into a death house and somebody has to be held responsible.”

McCain is absolutely right. We deserve the truth. And that’s just more than the perpetually outraged Moore can handle. He took to Twitter to castigate McCain for daring to demand accountability from the Obama Administration.

To Moore, McCain’s remarks are born purely out of revenge for Obama’s reelection. Apparently, Moore’s “fridge of a brain” has forgotten that revenge is President Obama’s forté.

Moore then dug deep into his intellectual arsenal:

Ah, yes. Gender- and race-baiting. The last refuge of the Left. If Moore had any sense, he’d realize that what’s genuinely sexist and racist is to assume women and blacks aren’t as accountable for their actions as white males like him. But that’s a totally reasonable assumption to make if you’re a liberal.

Meanwhile, this Twitterer makes a great point:

We’ve got the feeling that Moore will make us wait a very long time.