As Twitchy reported yesterday, very special snowflake Adrianne Curry couldn’t contain her glee over receiving very special spam from President Obama. The Obama campaign has resorted to using direct messages to solicit donations and whatnot, but for Adrianne, it was different. It was like he was talking only to her.

Today, she’s not feeling quite so lovey-dovey. You see, evidently, Adrianne was stoned at the time the DM graced her inbox, and when she sobered up and found out that Twitchy had written about her experience …

She was less than pleased that we had shined a spotlight on her utter vapidity:

She totally knew it wasn’t really a DM from the president, you guys. Because she learned all about presidential Twitter protocol from a TV show. She was just ridin’ the choom train!

Sorry, sweetheart. You being stoned only means that there was no filter between your brain and your fingertips. Backpedal all you like, but your silly swoonage was genuine.

Her tweets spoke for themselves and did more than we ever could to call her intelligence into question.

If reporting on what people have said is bullying, then yes, we’re bullies. But our “bullying” had nothing to do with Curry’s politics; it had to do with her being an idiot.

Anti-bully Adrianne went on to retweet supporters calling Michelle Malkin and her followers names:

We’ve got a pro tip of our own for Adrianne: don’t toke and tweet.



Listen up, everybody:

Got that? Apparently marijuana is now prescribed for chronic idiocy.

Twitchy has also caused Adrianne to lose her faith in humanity:

Somehow, we think we’ll be able to live with ourselves.


Many of the tweets featured in this post were deleted after our post was published (see, e.g.,  here, here, and here). Someone is trying to cover her tracks.