As Twitchy reported, a series of anti-voter-fraud billboards in Ohio and Wisconsin aroused the ire of leftists, who viewed the billboards  as intimidatory and racist. Their efforts to silence free speech were ultimately rewarded when Clear Channel, who had initially granted the ad space for the billboards, caved to pressure and ordered the signs taken down.

The family who had sponsored the billboards relented and agreed to stop fighting to keep them in place after expressing safety concerns. But today, despite its cooperation, the family’s identity has been outed after an “investigation” by website theGrio and progressive advocacy organization One Wisconsin Now:

A joint investigation by One Wisconsin Now and theGrio revealed the name of the family foundation that purchased the “voter fraud” Wisconsin billboards in 2010 and 2012. And while it’s not known whether the same foundation also bought the boards in Ohio, it’s clear that the web of “dark money” funding not just anti “voter fraud” campaigns, but also more aggressive tactics aimed at overwhelmingly Democratic voters in key swing states, has deep roots in Wisconsin.

One Wisconsin Now and theGrio discovered that a little-known non-profit, the Einhorn Family Foundation, based in Milwaukee, was behind the 2010 and 2012 Milwaukee area billboard campaigns. The Einhorn Foundation, led by the family patriarch, Steven Einhorn, is just one of a constellation of conservative organizations that go beyond Charles and David Koch, the billionaire brothers behind much of the tea party funding, who have become familiar to those watching the rise of “dark money” in American elections since the Citizens United decision in the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Einhorn family has released a statement:

“Stephen and Nancy Einhorn placed these billboards as a public service because voter fraud —whether by Republicans or Democrats — undermines our democratic process. By reminding people of the possible consequences of illegal voting, we hope to help the upcoming election be decided by legally registered voters.”

Now that their identity has been revealed, the Einhorns are vulnerable to further leftist thuggery:

Threats and intimidation: the hallmarks of leftism.

We pray for the Einhorns’ safety.