The Twitterverse is still reeling from this morning’s bombshell report about CIA officers in Benghazi being told to stand down after requesting help during last month’s deadly attacks. While the lapdog media is trying its hardest to bury this story, truth-seeking Twitterers are doing their part to keep it at the forefront of people’s minds. They launched the #standdown hashtag and are wielding it like a truncheon to pound the Obama administration and its shameful defenders:

Neither can we.

Since this latest news about the White House’s criminal negligence came to light, President Obama has lied through his teeth — again — and claimed that he had no knowledge of additional security requests in Benghazi. To borrow a favorite expression of his, those are the words of a bona fide bullsh*tter. Shameful.

Absolutely. President Obama wants nothing more than for the truth to go up in smoke, but the blood on his hands cannot be washed away. We will fight to keep this story — and the memories of the four brave men whose lives were cut short — very much alive.