Cokie Roberts could definitely be considered a member of the Old Media Guard, but we’d still hope that she understands the difference between Twitter and Google. A set of tweets sent out from the @CokieRoberts Twitter account seem to suggest otherwise. Those tweets also suggest that Roberts is seriously jonesing for some Applebee’s:

And she wants to enjoy it in the privacy of her own home:

Twitter immediately began buzzing about Roberts’ search engine issues and obsession with eatin’ good in the neighborhood:

Some people, though, were skeptical about the account’s authenticity:

Way to rain on our parade, guys. But with only 30-something tweets and around 4400 followers, we’ve gotta agree that this Twitter account isn’t connected to the real Cokie Roberts.

But it felt great, didn’t it?

And brilliant. Don’t forget brilliant. Even Katie Couric and Donna Brazile were captivated:


You see, Roberts evidently despises Twitter:

“Twitter is just rude,” she said. “The idea that people are sitting in a presidential speech in Congress, members of Congress are sitting there Twittering and we’re putting it on the air, I just find that appalling.”

“I don’t pay attention to it whatsoever,” said old school journalist Cokie Roberts when asked if she followed blogs, Twitter and Facebook. “Life is too short, and I really don’t see any use.”

Out of all the social media Web sites, Roberts, a senior analyst for National Public Radio and an ABC News political contributor, found Twitter to be the biggest offender.

But how can Cokie still believe such things after the beauty that Twitter hath wrought today?

So true.

Oh yes.