Since when does the UN’s job include supervising American elections? Since progressive groups decided that conservatives have made it their mission to cruelly prevent people from voting. As Twitchy reported last week, a UN-affiliated group is deploying “observers” from Europe to keep their eyes out for voter suppression. Some of those observers are already on the ground in Ohio:

Election monitors from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), an organization organized under the United Nations Charter, have already begun observing Ohio’s election proceedings. OSCE plans to deploy a total of 44 European observers across America in response to claims from progressive groups that conservative groups seek to disenfranchise minority voters.

True the Vote president Catherine Engelbrecht rightly blasted the UN’s involvement:

“It’s puzzling that these activist groups that have spent literally millions of dollars fighting reasonable policies like voter ID – that most Americans support – would call on a United Nations affiliated organization to monitor American elections! The U.N. itself is hardly a model of governmental integrity,” Engelbrecht said.

“What’s even more baffling is that these activist groups asked international monitors to help stop the purported suppression caused by photo voter ID laws – yet all the monitors are from countries with comprehensive photo voter ID laws,” Engelbrecht added.

It’s more than puzzling, more than baffling; it’s infuriating. And wrong. Ohio residents are livid:

It’s disgusting. We suggest that the UN stick to what it does best: nothing. Leave us alone.