Yikes. At a debate yesterday with his opponent, Texas Congressman Rubén Hinojosa experienced a major memory misfire when he forgot the purpose of the Second Amendment:

Moderator: “Thank you congressman. Please share a little bit of your views on the Second Amendment rights.”

U.S. Rep. Rubén Hinojosa: “There are so many people in Washington who come and talk to us about the Constitution and the rights that they want kept sacred and (sic) that not do anything about them. That we not change them. That we not amend them. And I can tell you that — I’m drawing a blank on the Second Amendment, but I think it’s the weapons, isn’t it? The NRA?”

Hinojosa brushed it off as a momentary lapse of thinking:

”I simply paused for a second to collect my thoughts. I’m not the first person to ever do that nor will I be the last. I think we should continue talking about the issues that are important to my district and not spend any more time discussing someone collecting their thoughts during a debate.”


That’s an excellent idea. Then again, after eight terms in Congress, perhaps it would make more sense for Hinojosa to retire. That would give him plenty of time to brush up on his U.S. Constitution.

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