After Monday’s presidential debate, Twitchy and its CEO Michelle Malkin took Ann Coulter to task for referring to President Obama as a “retard.” Salem Radio KRLA host Brian Whitman, evidently amused by the fact that one conservative woman called out another for saying something stupid and highly offensive, decided to hike up his big-man britches and target Malkin for derision.

Malkin called him out on his viciousness:

And Whitman made a pathetic attempt to justify what he wrote:

Ohhhh … so it’s OK when he calls someone a retard, because, see, he’s funny. Michelle’s a “classless” conservative, so she’s totally asking for it.

It’s just a joke!

No. We don’t get it. And neither did other people. Malkin’s supporters rightly gave Whitman the business:

Insulted Twitterers also let Whitman’s employer, Salem Radio, how they felt (Editor’s note: Salem Radio emailed to let Twitchy know that Whitman works for KRLA. KRLA is part of Salem Communications, not Salem Radio Network):

And many sent comments via Salem Radio’s website:

Feedback was so overwhelming, Salem’s site crashed:


Tom Tradup of Salem Radio Network emails:

“SRN has literally no connection to Brian Whitman’s Los Angeles radio show, does not distribute it, and is not responsible for anything he says or does on-or-off the air. It is part of an entirely different division of Salem Communications.  Sending people to KRLA rather than SRN would get the message to the people directly responsible for supervising this employee. SRN can’t really help them, so it will only frustrate them—and me—for them to continue writing our Dallas operation.”

Readers can contact KRLA here.