Following yesterday’s bombshell video from Project Veritas showing Rep. Jim Moran’s son and field director Pat conspiring to commit voter fraud, the Arlington County Police are launching a full criminal investigation.

The ACPD released a statement today:

The Arlington County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office and the Arlington County Police Department have been made aware of a video released yesterday allegedly depicting Patrick Moran, former Director of Field Operations for the Jim Moran for Congress campaign organization, assisting another to vote illegally.

The Arlington County Police Department has initiated a criminal investigation of this matter.

Additionally, the chairman of the Arlington GOP will reportedly call for Rep. Moran’s resignation this afternoon.

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Arlington County GOP chairman Charles Hokanson has officially demanded Rep. Moran’s resignation:

“Speaking as a citizen and voter, every Arlingtonian should be concerned about attempts to destroy the integrity of the democratic process and to steal elections by illegal and unethical behavior,” Hokanson said, according to a news release.

“Reflecting on the broader implications of this potential voter fraud scandal, this really should be the scandal that finally crosses the line, even for Jim Moran, so that he should resign from Congress and leave public office immediately.

“The people of Arlington — Republicans, Democrats and Independents — will not tolerate potential voter fraud, and we demand of all our officials that they preserve the full integrity of our voting process, which has been held to a very high standard in this county. This is not our way. It’s time for Jim Moran to go — by resignation in disgrace, or by voter indignation at the voting booth on November 6.”


Earlier this week, Rep. Moran touted a letter sent jointly with other congressmen to Eric Holder calling for an investigation into multi-state voter fraud:

And yesterday evening — hours after the video exploded all over the internet — Moran doubled down on his call to weed out election fraudsters:

Oh, the irony.

The fraud … it’s coming from inside the house!