Trig Truther and perpetual panicker Andrew Sullivan has been suffering from “profound demoralization” as of late, but today, he took his vile bigotry to another level. Unable to face the prospect of a Romney victory in November, Sullivan joined the ranks of Cher and Adam Levine and desperately lashed out at Romney for his membership in the Mormon Church. Be sure to read the whole sickening tirade.

Twitterers were furious at Sullivan’s pathetic attempt to link Romney and his faith to radical racists and rightly tore into him:

In his editorial, Sullivan also trivialized Barack Obama’s membership in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s black supremacist church, writing it off as nothing more than a youthful indiscretion:

Imagine further that backing this racist church was not a youthful folly on Obama’s part, but a profound commitment – that he went on a mission abroad to convert Christians to a new religion based on black racial supremacy, and has often said that the most important thing in his entire life to this day is a church whose sacred scripture declares white people to be cursed by God for their past sins – and the sign of this curse is their white skin.

A simple question: Do you think this issue would not come up in a general election or a primary? If Obama was subjected to news cycle after news cycle of clips of Obama’s actual former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, can you imagine the outrage if Obama had actually been a part of a black supremacist church – that denied whites equal access to the sacraments – for over a decade in his adult life?

What’s to imagine? Obama willingly listened to Wright damn America for 20 years.

Conservatives weren’t having any of Sullivan’s Wright apologism:

The hypocrisy … it burns.

Indeed. If Sullivan is still capable of feeling any shame, he should be wallowing in it. What an absolute disgrace.