Alas, it’s no joke. MSNBC just keeps finding new sharks to jump. Today, they brought on James Lipton, host of “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” as a post-debate analyst. Yes, really. Lipton was last seen on MSNBC after the second presidential debate, where he referred to President Obama as Gary Cooper-esque.

Great questions.

Lipton appeared on MSNBC’s “NOW with Alex Wagner” to discuss Romney’s body language at last night’s debate:

Not nearly as annoying as having to listen to James Lipton do political analysis. And, if we’re being honest, Obama’s entire political career is based on his elusiveness.

It’s no surprise he’s such a whale fan, considering his own very active blowhole.

You can watch the “analysis” here.

Liberal viewers totally squee’d over Lipton’s performance:

How? It’s pretty easy, actually.

You’re in luck. When you listen to James Lipton, it always feels like he’s talking for hours.

Or not.

We can see it now: “President Romney, what is your favorite curse word?”

Meanwhile, conservatives called the entire spectacle out for what it was: complete B.S.

It’s all about the issues.

Since the dimwits at MSNBC bestowed that title on him, apparently.

So are we.


Exactly. Lipton can pretend to his heart’s content that he is qualified to perform legitimate political analysis, but, in reality, he’s doing nothing more than sycophantically praising the biggest actor of them all: Barack Obama.