Long, best known as the “Mac Guy” from Apple’s successful ad campaign, evidently spotted a mention of Alan Grayson’s political opponent in his Twitter timeline and didn’t take it well. Todd Long (no relation to Justin) is running against Alan “Republicans want you to die quickly” Grayson in Florida’s new 9th congressional district.

Real Clear Politics ranks this race “Likely Dem,” meaning Long’s chances of winning are slim. The NRCC has all but given up on the district.

According to Florida blogger Jorge Bonilla, though, Long is currently polling within three points in the Democrat-leaning district.


Bonilla links to a Florida Political Press that cites a StPetePolls.org telephone survey showing a very tight race:

According to a StPetePolls.org telephone survey  conducted from October 3rd to October 5th, Grayson is polling at 45%, while Long is at 42.2% with 12.8% undecided in the race (there is a 5.1% margin of error).

If most undecided voters break toward the challenger (as they usually do in races with an incumbent), Grayson could be in trouble.

Nevertheless, Justin couldn’t help but kick Long around. That’s Hollywood civility for you. With those kinds of manners, it’s no wonder he’s such a fan of someone like Grayson. Those two were made for each other.

It’s worth noting that Justin recently made a video for OFA Florida:

Oddly, the subject of douches was never broached.

(Hat tip: Jorge Bonilla)

Correction: An earlier version of this post misinterpreted the poll cited by Jorge Bonilla. This race appears to be close.

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Update: Todd Long responds with class and charm:

Justin Long uses the “out of context” defense but acknowledges a “poor choice of words” and now says he feels like a douche:


Looks like all has been forgiven and forgotten: