The lovely Ann Romney sat down this morning with the ladies of “The View” to discuss the election, women’s rights, the economy, and her family. Her husband had canceled his appearance on the talk show due to a scheduling conflict, but Barbara Walters told her that she was “a wonderful advocate” for Mitt. Barbara was exactly right — and Josh Romney agreed wholeheartedly with her assessment:

Throughout the interview, Romney was gracious, charming, and well-spoken.

She spoke lovingly of her family:

And she addressed the emotional toll the campaign season has taken on them all, telling her hosts that if her husband loses the election, the family is done with politics:

Liberals delighted in the news:

But if Ann Romney’s positivity is any indication, those liberals will soon be addressing her as First Lady.

Asked about issues confronting women today, Romney stressed the importance of a thriving, or at least improving, economy. She said that what she hears most from women is “help.” Women are fast losing faith in our strugging economy and in their ability to find and maintain employment. And polls show that women are looking for a leader who can get our economy back on track.

Joy Behar apparently didn’t grasp Romney’s message, and, desperate to somehow bring the conversation around to lady parts (they were discussing women’s issues after all), she bizarrely asked Romney if she believed that abortion and contraception access were economic issues. Romney, who also stated that she is proudly pro-life, was no doubt shocked by the utter stupidity of that question, but she kept a straight face and batted that ball away.


Whoopi Goldberg also took her turn with the dunce cap, questioning Romney about her husband’s and sons’ decisions to do missionary work rather than serve in the military. First, Goldberg asserted that military service goes against the Mormon faith, an assertion Romney swiftly corrected:

Romney defended her family’s missionary work, remarking that it is merely a different way of serving, and she expressed her utmost gratitude to our men and women in uniform. Whoopi, evidently stuck on stupid, wasn’t satisfied with that answer and went on to ask her how she’d be able to face mothers of deceased troops knowing that her sons didn’t serve in the military.

Disrespectful and downright disgusting.

Mrs. Romney is indeed a class act. Once again, she handled a despicable question beautifully. She said that consoling the mothers of the fallen is “probably the hardest thing that a president and a first lady” will ever have to do. She also remarked that Governor Romney attended every single military funeral during his term in office.

Faced with Romney’s undeniable calm grace, liberals apparently couldn’t cope, and they spewed their trademark vitriol:

Oh, it was a trainwreck all right. But not for Romney. While Joy and Whoopi crashed and burned, our future First Lady emerged from the rubble looking better than ever.

Even the left-leaning Guardian had to admit that Ann knocked it out of the park:

Did she ever.



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