As Twitchy reported, lefties are creepily obsessed with Mitt Romney’s remark about the “binders full of women” he and his staff looked through when considering potential female employees for his cabinet. They’re convinced that Binder-gate will singlehandedly destroy the Romney campaign, because, clearly, Romney is nothing more than a misogynist who refuses to see women as women. Funny, then, that these same liberals are positively giddy about the potential for “binders full of women” Halloween costumes:

These pathetic lefties, so quick to lob the misogynist label at Romney, can’t wait to witness the impending Halloween parade of women in “slutty” binder costumes:

See? Objectification of women is totally cool when liberals do it!

A website for the costume has already sprung up:

Complete with more misogyny and racism:

Way to go, liberals.



Anti-Mormon bigots: Romney has ‘binders full of women’ to keep track of sister-wives