Lefties, decked out in their trusty race goggles, are still obsessed with anti-voter-fraud billboards posted in Milwaukee and Cleveland. They have convinced themselves that the billboards are nothing more than an intimidation tactic by the evil, raaaaaaaaacist GOP to suppress voters. These perpetually offended liberals, thus far unsuccessful at getting the billboards dismantled, are now targeting Clear Channel (who operates the billboards), insisting that the media company see that the signs are taken down:

Some seized the opportunity to tie Mitt Romney to the billboards via Bain Capital, which acquired Clear Channel in 2008. If at first you don’t succeed, reductio ad Bainium!

Free-speech-averse lefties can whine to their hearts content about the injustice of election integrity. But as of now, Clear Channel has no plans to dismantle the billboards. That First Amendment business can be so pesky sometimes!



United Steelworkers Union wants anti-voter-fraud billboards dismantled