Chalk another one up for CNN on the media professionalism board. On this afternoon’s “Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,” former Obama Green Jobs Czar, avowed Communist, 9/11 truther, and regular CNN contributor Van Jones told a political panel — twice — that Mitt Romney was a “douche” in the last presidential debate. You can view the video here.

To those familiar with Jones’ m.o., as disgusting and pathetic as his comments were, they shouldn’t come as much of a shock. He has a reputation for garbage-spewing. But CNN knew exactly what they were getting when they gave him a platform to air his brand of political filth.’s John Nolte rightly called out CNN for its willfully poor judgment:

This is all on CNN, not Jones.

It’s also on Barack Obama — a look into the type of people he appoints to important White House “Czar” positions.

Van Jones was just being Van Jones — a leftist flamethrower who hurls vitriol like few others. But this is what happens when the left-wing media attempts to take these radicals and normalize their extreme views.

Exactly. As a media outlet, CNN should demand only the utmost professionalism from its employees. By hiring thugs like Jones, CNN demonstrates its lack of regard for journalistic integrity — and its lack of respect for the viewers.

To his credit, Jones did return before the end of the show for a halfhearted apology:

More from Politico:

“I just wanted to say, listen, I want to apologize to you, to the CNN audience and to Gov. Romney himself,” Van Jones said just before 6 p.m. “Very poor choice of words, and I regret it. I apologize.”

“And I know you do, and I know you feel bad about it. And I’m glad you apologized,” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer replied. “Thanks very much, Van, for that.”

Yeah. Thanks a lot, Van.

For their part, liberals cheered Jones’ initial remarks:

And many felt he shouldn’t have apologized for making them:

Conservatives were disgusted by the spectacle:

It’s worth noting that another CNN contributor will be moderating tonight’s presidential debate:

Fortunately, unlike her colleague, Candy Crowley will exercise restraint and decorum tonight. Here’s hoping CNN learns how to do the same.



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