As Twitchy reported earlier, Paul Ryan’s trip to an Ohio soup kitchen has the Left foaming at the mouth. Pearl-clutching liberals, with the aid of the dutiful lapdog media, are trying to figure out whether Ryan and his family washed dishes that were actually dirty. As the crusty-colander nontroversy rages on, a group of liberals who fancy themselves hilarious have taken to Twitter to mock Ryan’s charitable intentions. With the #PaulRyancharitywork hashtag, these clowns suggest that the only kind of charity that interests Paul Ryan is the worthless and/or callous kind:

Classy. So, so classy.

What about the poor and the disabled?

See, Paul Ryan actually hates them. Get it?

Ooo, don’t forget the lady parts!

And, of course, no leftist foray into comedy is complete without a bit of race-baiting:

Boy, that sure is some funny stuff, huh?

Well, lefties are in dire need of a reality check. And we do love a good hashtag hijacking …