Leftist activists and politicians in Milwaukee and Cleveland are up in arms over a set of billboards reminding passersby that voter fraud is a felony. Free speech is all well and good, you see, unless it offends someone — or reveals an ugly truth. And perpetually-offended, truth-averse Democrats, positively livid that free speech is being used to demand accountability from potential voters, are insisting that the billboards are nothing more than large-scale voter intimidation.

More from The Chicago Tribune:

“The billboards create a chilling effect,” said Marcia Johnson-Blanco, a co-director at the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, an advocacy group that asked Clear Channel Outdoor to remove the signs.

City Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland, who represents a part of Cleveland where most of the city’s voting billboards are located, said the signs have “an insidious impact and they are designed to intimidate.”

“I’m worried they will actually scare some of the ex-offenders, people with felony records who can vote,” Cleveland said, explaining that there is confusion about felons voting because in some states it is illegal.

The felons! Won’t someone please think of the felons?


Leftist media outlets like ThinkProgress and The Washington Post are quick to dismiss voter fraud as figment of Republicans’ imagination, as something that occurs less frequently than a person being struck by lightning. But as James O’Keefe’s work demonstrates, voter fraud is very real, and it is much more common than liberals are willing to admit.

Angry lefties took to Twitter to denounce the billboards and call for them to be taken down:

Yes. It is. Too bad Obama, Eric Holder, and friends apparently missed that memo.


Because the many of the billboards are located in poorer, more urban areas, several billboard opponents were quick to label the campaign as raaaaaaaacist!!1! Color of Change, whose bread and butter is intimidation, was among the billboards’ most vocal critics:

What’s racist is subscribing to the idea that minorities in this country legally are incapable of obtaining valid forms of identification.

Not everyone was willing to swallow the leftists’ race-baiting swill:

How, indeed?

Could it be that the Democrats know that they’re the chief beneficiaries of unchecked voter fraud?

Good question. Only those who intend to defraud the political system should be thinking twice about illegitimately casting their votes.

In the meantime, citizens should keep their eyes open for Mona Eltahawy-wannabes. The billboards, set to stay put through Election Day, are ripe targets for vandalism.