Faced with the downward spiral of the failing, flailing Obama campaign, the Left is finding it increasingly difficult to prevent its desperation from showing. The absurd Dish-gate non-scandal is only the latest of liberals’ ridiculous efforts to deflect attention away from their ineptitude and paint the GOP as the political screwups.

Daily Kos contributing editor David Waldman is one of those desperate liberals. He took to Twitter this afternoon to obsess over Paul Ryan’s dishwashing technique, making sure to cruelly question Ryan’s moral character in the process:

Waldman also retweeted these gems from sycophantic followers.

Oh, how clever!

Keep it up, liberals. Continue to cast aspersions on conservatives’ characters while ignoring your own broken moral compasses. When facts fail, lash out. And scrub with all your might; as long as you insist on perpetuating lies, your consciences will never be clean.

Update: Waldman’s still at it, four hours later. No, really.