As Twitchy reported, President Obama tapped Senator John Kerry to stand in for Mitt Romney in his mock presidential debates. And after President Obama completely blew his first debate performance, his cleanup crew didn’t hesitate to send Kerry hurtling under the blame bus. That makes today’s news that Team Obama will continue to use Kerry for debate prep even more interesting.

Despite blaming Senator John Kerry, Massachusetts Democrat, for President Obama’s poor debate performance in Denver, the Obama camp will continue to employ Senator Kerry’s talents for President Obama’s upcoming debate prep. Senator Kerry played Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney in previous debate rehearsals before the first presidential debate last week.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer reported on Friday, “Jen Psaki, press secretary for the Obama campaign told me earlier that John Kerry, the senator from Massachusetts will continue to be Mitt Romney in those boot camp debate rehearsals.”

To conservatives, this is a recipe for another Romney debate victory:

Indeed. Another ace in the hole for Team Obama!