Oh, this is just too perfect. Joe Biden sent a tweet this afternoon encouraging his followers to call his Super Special Hotline and let him know how they felt about his debate performance. He couldn’t possibly have thought conservatives would ignore such a golden opportunity, could he?

Team Obama is full of good ideas these days …

Um, for our amusement, natch.

Oh, by all means!

We know this is crazy …


If by “badly,” you mean “awesomely,” then hell yes.




That would only be fitting.

Callers should expect some interruptions:


Remember: your call is very important to Uncle Joe, but he may not always be available to pick up. He’s very busy:

So don’t be surprised if you get an automated message. Blogger Steve Gutowski has put together a sample of what you might hear:

Nope, no 800-number here. In fact, 312 is a Chicago area code. Just a coincidence, surely.

It very well may be. Team Obama is well aware that citizens are on to their emailaddressmining campaign, so they need to try another strategy:

What Joe doesn’t realize is that conservatives have already got his number. We’ve had it for some time.