As Twitchy reported, lefty tolerance bullies are using National Coming Out Day to gay-bait Republicans. Evidently, some decided to get a head start last night at the debate between Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren.

GOProud Interim Chair Lisa DePasquale reports:

Last night Ross Hemminger, Youth Coordinator for the Scott Brown for Senate campain, was heckled by pro-Warren supporters at the Brown-Warren debate.  A source at the event  told me that the hecklers were union members who were organized by the Warren campaign for a “stand-out.”

The incident happened when Hemminger started chanting “Go, Scott, go!” on the megaphone.  The Warren supporerts chanted back “You sound gay!”  A few others chimed in “You take it up the a**!”

Tolerance? Not so much. To her and Warren’s credit, Mindy Myers, Warren’s campaign manager, wrote to Hemminger to apologize for the incident and condemn the hecklers’ shameful behavior. Unfortunately, the sort of vicious bullying seen last night is par for the course in leftist circles, and we likely haven’t seen the last of it.



Video of the incident:

More from The Weekly Standard:

In a phone interview, Ellen Wallace, the director of the UAW’s Massachusetts subregion, responded to a description of the above video with, “Yeesh.” Asked if the UAW condones those type of attacks, Wallace responded, “Absolutely not.”

“We certainly don’t condone attacks on people’s staff,” Wallace said. “That doesn’t sound like anybody I know.”