As Twitchy reported earlier today, Time magazine published a set of workout photos of Paul Ryan. The lighthearted look at the VP was went over well with conservative women, but it didn’t sit well with vulgar lefty comedienne Kathy Griffin. Evidently jealous that other dumbbells were getting more attention than her, she decided to react the only way she knows how: by lowering the bar. Thud.

Too lazy to make even a half-hearted attempt at political banter, she opted instead to hit Ryan below the belt — literally — by going after his manhood.

Griffin’s fans quickly hopped aboard the objectification train:

And, of course, the obligatory gay-baiting:

How original.

We seem to remember liberal women complaining that it’s GOP men who view people through a reproductive-organ lense. We’re shocked — shocked — at Griffin’s feminist hypocrisy!

Intellectual consistency clearly isn’t Griffin’s strong suit.

No kidding.