In a rather morbid turn of events, a disturbingly high number of young people have taken their displeasure with Obama and Romney to an extreme level and are claiming that they will kill themselves if their preferred candidate loses the election next month.

Some say they won’t be able to cope if Obama wins reelection:

Many more are vowing to end their lives in the event of a Romney victory:

A handful of Twitterers seem to be under the bizarre impression that Romney will ban tampons if elected and see that as reason enough to kill themselves:

Some admit that they’re not serious about taking their own lives:

Forgive us if we fail to see the humor in threats of suicide. Joking about ending your life is shameful; suicide is not to be taken lightly.

A few people suggest that they’ve been considering killing themselves for some time and plan to use the election results as an excuse to follow through:

While it’s unlikely that all of the Twitterers spotlighted are seriously contemplating suicide, some very well may be. To those whose intentions are genuine, we urge that you seek help. No election is worth ending your life over.