As Twitchy reported on Sunday, a Twitter user who goes by the handle @kyle__kyle threatened to assassinate Mitt Romney. The user later removed his tweets, claiming that the threats were only a joke.

It turns out that the person who made the threats is, in fact, a 15-year-old boy named Kyle Stusse. After Twitchy broke the story, Stusse faced a backlash over his vile tweets and was apparently contacted by the Secret Service. A death threat is a death threat, and regardless of Stusse’s age, it deserves to be taken seriously. One of Stusse’s friends disagreed:

And he mounted a #FreeKyle hashtag campaign to defend Stusse:

The hashtag quickly gathered steam, and others followed suit:


Stusse, for his part, insists that he has learned his lesson — the hard way:

The road to maturity is clearly a very long one for Stusse. And while his contrition is likely genuine (it’s amazing what a reality check can do), he needs to understand that actions have consequences — at any age.



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