DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz likes to say that she fancies herself a representative of the American Everywoman, but as a recent Vogue photoshoot suggests, what she really fancies herself is, well, fancy. New York City designer Bradley Scott noticed that one of Debbie’s dresses wasn’t exactly woman-of-the-people-y. After some quick investigating, Scott discovered that the dress in question was designed by super-fancy designer Roland Mouret and carries a decidedly un-Everywoman-like $2000 pricetag. Fancy that!

More from The Blaze:

After highlighting Democratic talking points that vilify the rich– whether it’s “millionaires and billionaires” and their corporate jets, or the tax rate of those making over $250,000 being responsible for the national debt– the designer reminded that Schultz herself once said: “We must expose the stark difference between the Democrats fighting for the middle class and Republicans fighting for the elite and the ultra-wealthy.”

[Scott] continued in an email:

It is for the aforementioned that I am now baffled as I look to the current issue of Vogue magazine, with a story spread on this modern day “crusader for the poor”. Herein lies an extraordinary display of hypocrisy as [the] Congresswoman is seen decked out in a $2000 Roland Mouret in one picture. Also not surprising is the magazine that did this article in the first place, as its Editor in Chief, Anna Wintour is a notable Democratic Party operative, supporter of President Obama, hosting several fundraisers at her own private townhouse in Manhattan…

Scott speculated: “I’d be willing to hedge my bet that this will be overlooked, much like Mrs. Obama’s $550 Louis Vuitton sneakers she wore to a soup kitchen or thousand dollar outfits worn on campaign trails as the same talking points harpoon the wealthy in return for votes.”

Indeed. While obsessive liberals have always been quick to pounce on conservative women for their wardrobe choices, when Democratic women parade themselves in public — or in magazines — wearing expensive outfits … nothing but radio silence.

The hypocrisy. It scorches.

Maybe Debbie should quit voguing and start prioritizing:


Exactly. And her rival, Karen Harrington, certainly understands that American women have better things to do with $2000. Like cover the Obamacare-induced increase in family health care premiums.

Heh. Let’s hope so.