Indeed. Looks like the superhero torch has been passed to New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez. During a quick stop at a Santa Fe Walgreens on Wednesday, Martinez spotted a one-year-old girl left unattended in a running car, and she swooped into action:

After seeing the toddler Martinez went into Walgreens and had a clerk get on the intercom to find the parents. Meanwhile her security detail called the police.

That did the trick. The child’s father came forward and got a well-deserved dressing-down by the governor:

She asked him what in the world was he thinking when he left his toddler alone in a running car.

The man, who claimed he only ran in for baby wipes while his daughter slept, is unlikely to make that mistake again, thanks go Martinez. But the governor said she was just doing her job:

“As soon as you see a baby in a car by themselves, you have got to, even if the car is unlocked or locked, you have to go into action right away because you don’t know how long that baby has been in there,” she said.

Martinez already had a lot of fans, but her decisive action has earned her even more admiration:

All in a day’s work.

Kudos to you, Governor Martinez!