President Obama may never live down last night’s abysmal debate performance, and Buzzfeed is doing its part to make sure that’s the case.

Generally speaking, the “real journalists” at Buzzfeed have been in the tank for Obama and have exhibited a clear bias against conservatives. That makes it all the more remarkable that a Buzzfeeder, Dorsey Shaw, put together a video that puts Obama’s ineloquence in the spotlight.

Shaw’s colleagues promoted it on their Twitter feeds as well:

A couple of lefties whined about the way the video portrayed The One:

Sighagain with the excuses. Having to participate in presidential debates when you’re president is so unfair!

Most of those who watched the video, though, placed the blame for the bumbling squarely where it belongs — with Obama:

Indeed. The constant bumbling and stumbling is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Barack Obama. The “uh” fit last night? Par for the course.