As Twitchy reported, vicious race-baiters came after Matt Drudge in full force yesterday after he teased a video purporting to show Barack Obama making a racially charged speech. And after the video was posted, many members of the media dismissed it as “old news” and claimed to want to move on to more important things. Well, today, media lapdogs still can’t seem to follow their own advice, and perpetually outraged dog whistle detectors are still attacking Drudge as a raving racist.

One of those dog whistle detectors is Michael Skolnik, Russell Simmons “political director.” Skolnik penned an op-ed earlier today for Simmons’ GlobalGrind website in which he laments whites’ obsession with race. That’s right. Skolnik, a self-described “privileged white man,” is so post-racial that he sees race everywhere he looks. And he believes that white people — more specifically, conservative white people — won’t make it into the 21st century unless they’re dragged into it kicking and screaming. Because, clearly, whites in America haven’t yet achieved Skolnik’s level of post-racial enlightenment:

How quickly we can see our beauty fade to black. The black album. 99 problems. Problems with white guys trying to take us back. Take us back to an America that wasn’t so beautiful. You ever wonder, when white people say they want to take America back, what era exactly would they want to go back to? Slavery? Jim Crow? Women’s Suffrage? Civil Rights Movement? I digress. But, a good question to ponder. My generation is not looking back, we are moving forward. And we are certainly moving past the race baiting tactics of conservative hero, Matt Drudge, who wants America to believe that he released an “explosive” video that is going to expose Barack Obama as a racist.

Skolnik’s generation has moved so far past Drudge’s “race-baiting tactics” that they’ve circled back around to become race-baiters themselves. Like Drudge’s media critics, Skolnik insists that the video is just an attempt to rehash old news. Then-Senator Obama was merely speaking about “the plight of poor America,” while Drudge was “[doubling] down on [his] white man losing power bullshit rap.” Skolnik continued:

This is your last, sad attempt to kick and scream and try to grab onto an America that is passing you by. An America that is proud to have elected a black President. An America that is yearning to be post-racial. An aspiration. Knowing we are not there yet, we certainly will not be impeded by you and your Fox News comrades who want to peddle racist propaganda to any angry white person who you are leading to believe that they need to take America back. Just because your man, “Money” Mitt Romney has run one of the worst presidential campaigns in history, don’t try to burn our house down. We didn’t start this fire, but we will certainly put it out quicker than you can brainwash another white person to hate black America. For your hate is at its last dance, and slowly the music will fade to black.

As a white man, a privileged white man just like you, I will stand up to your nonsense, and continue to promote an inclusive, compassionate nation. For we are not a divided states of America, we are the United States of America. We are America, the beautiful.

And there you have it. If you’re white, you’re not a real American unless you hate yourself.

Skolnik’s sycophants lapped up the verbal slop:

But of course!

Ah, yes. Bill Maher. That paragon of fact-based reporting.

Fortunately, plenty of others had their heads screwed on straight and took Skolnik to task for his racist pigeon-holing of white Americans:

We’re all Americans? What a modern, post-racial concept!