This afternoon, Rob Lowe sent out an anticipatory tweet about tonight’s presidential debate, likening it to the Superbowl and suggesting that he knew who would falter initially. That left his followers scratching their heads, and they tried to guess who Lowe felt would be the first to drop the ball.

Some insisted that it would be Romney:

And others guessed Obama:

Over the past couple of months, actor Rob Lowe has dropped hints of latent conservatism, or, at the very least, he’s made it clear that he’s unwilling to toe the liberal Hollywood line. He’s even offered free advice to Mitt Romney! Given his recent political musings, it’s possible that Lowe’s already pegged Obama as the fumbler, but for now, he’s keeping mum. Looks like we’ll have to stay tuned to find out!



Lowe never did reveal who he thought would slip up first, but he’s made it perfectly clear who scored the touchdowns tonight: