As Twitchy reported earlier, Matt Drudge has been teasing the unveiling of a tape purporting to show Barack Obama engaging in a 40-minute racially-charged rant. Progressives, feeling compelled to defend the president against his own words, are already attempting damage control in anticipation of the big reveal, dismissing Drudge’s story as a big, fat nothingburger.

Some leftists aren’t content to stop there. They’re putting Drudge firmly in their crosshairs, accusing Drudge of racist sensationalism and smearing him as a bigot. When in doubt, play the race card:

And what’s a good hatefest without a little gay-baiting thrown in for good measure?

A Jew who hates Jews? We believe that’s Rosenberg’s forté.

In attacking Matt Drudge in this way, liberals are merely showing themselves to be everything they profess to despise: racist, homophobic, bigoted, and short-sighted. Drudge has dedicated years of his life to exposing the Left, but, as it turns out, no one exposes leftist hate better than leftists themselves. Liberals have put all their race cards on the table — and they’ve lost.