Hey, remember when Terry McMillan promised that she was staying away from Twitter until the election? Yeah, those were good times. We wouldn’t mind going back to those times.

The “Waiting to Exhale” author just can’t seem to shake her Mitt Romney obsession. After she vowed to step away from the Twitters until November, it was Romney who coaxed her out of hiding. He must have looked at her funny or something. Whatever it was, Romney’s clearly gotten under her skin, and last night, she picked up her keyboard and embarked on yet another uninformed tirade.

Yeah, Terry. How about it?

We can think of 16 trillion reasons Terry’s wrong.

His “d———s” base? What’s Terry not able to spell out? Delicious? Dolphins? Dumplings?

Terry apparently never graduated from the fourth-grade playground. Meanwhile, know who else graduated from Harvard? This guy.

Boy, she sure does hate privatization. Unless it’s privatization of her personal assets, of course. The government certainly doesn’t need to step in and handle those. Or the revenue generated by the sale of her upcoming novel:

Consider it done, honey.



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