That was the tweet sent out late yesterday afternoon by Kara Alongi, a 16-year-old from New Jersey. It sent shockwaves across the Twitterverse, leading many people to believe that she had been abducted. Her parents had reportedly come home and found her missing.

News of her possible abduction spread like wildfire, and the #helpfindkara sprang up. Many were terrified for Alongi and prayed for her safety:

Just a few days earlier, Alongi had sent out this tweet:

That led some to suspect that she had been abducted by a stalker:

Others weren’t sure whether or not to believe that there had been any foul play:

As it turned out, Alongi’s panicked tweet was part of a hoax. She was not abducted, but had, in fact, run away:

Clark Police say 16-year-old Kara Alongi left voluntarily, calling a cab to drop her at the Rahway train station, the local Clark-Garwood Patch reports.

The Union County Prosecutor’s Office says a cab driver positively identified Alongi as his passenger and told officials he drove her to the Rahway train station.

The prosecutor’s office says Alongi might feel she’ll be in trouble for causing a panic. However, authorities say all everyone cares about is seeing her home safe and sound.

Her whereabouts are still unknown, but wherever she is, she should know that she betrayed hundreds of people across the country.

Twitter users were disgusted that Alongi wasted police resources and preyed upon their sense of compassion. Some people decided to draw attention to what’s really missing:

In light of the thousands of children and young adults who go missing, Alongi’s stunt is particularly despicable. Perhaps when she returns, someone can #helpfindkara a conscience.