As Twitchy reported, this past Wednesday, cable news pundit Mona Eltahawy took issue with an anti-jihad poster in a New York City subway station. Disgusted by a pro-Israel group’s expression of free speech, spray-painted the poster — and the woman trying to defend it — in the name of … free speech. Eltahawy was joined by other proud vandals whose warped interpretation of the First Amendment led them to believe that their speech should be prized above everyone else’s.

Today, Eltahawy appeared on CNN international to defend her indefensible act. To her, the vandalism wasn’t really vandalism at all; it was a righteous act. Gee, no wonder the Muslim Brotherhood took such a shine to her.

Eltahawy branded her actions as peaceful and nonviolent:

Peaceful? Sure, Mona. Try telling that to Pamela Hall, the woman you shoved and spray-painted.

Eltahawy retweeted messages from a drooling supporter who played fast and loose with moral equivalency:

Clearly this woman has been living in a bubble.

Or spray paint, perhaps.

Eltahawy finally pinpointed exactly what it is that has her critics so upset: jealousy. And racism, natch:

She’s sick.


Eltahawy doubled down on her nonviolence garbage:

And blamed Pamela Hall for the incident: