A pitiful Michelle Malkin parody account has apparently been floating around Twitter since August of last year. Most likely, its sheer lame-itude is what’s kept it under the radar until today, when it suddenly caught the attention of the illustrious Band of Merry Real Journalists made up of such luminaries as Keith Olbermann, Ana Marie Cox, and David Frum.

Behold the kinds of tweets that captivated this trio of tools:




(The parody account replaced the letter “L” in Michelle’s name with capital “I.”)

Ana Marie Cox, who has a history of opening her mouth about things she hasn’t properly read, gladly retweeted a fake tweet:

Mocking Michelle Malkin’s drawing attention to pig Jason Biggs is totally hilarious, see?

Doltish bigot David Frum fell for the same tweet as Cox:

One would think that even vapid troglodytes like Cox and Frum would’ve at least been able to put their combined seven brain cells together and figure out that the real Michelle Malkin would never put out anything resembling the garbage in the parody tweets. Common sense eluded them, however. Malkin was disgusted, and she rightly gave them the business:

After learning that the parody account was, in fact, a parody account, Cox continued to make an idiot of herself:

She finally did apologize, but not without slickly qualifying it:

Frum, however, didn’t even attempt a half-hearted fauxpology:

Translation: Michelle Malkin didn’t actually tweet that stuff, but, like, she totally would have, because racist and meanypants and stuff!

Keith Olbermann, who thought the parody account was the bee’s knees, felt that he was the victim in all this, and he demanded that Malkin apologize:

So, so mockworthy …



Thank goodness the MSM is well-stocked with grownups like those three. Otherwise, we might be in real trouble.