Karen Harrington may be facing off against Wasserman Schultz in the battle for Florida’s 23rd district, but that doesn’t mean she has to play dirty. In fact, Harrington kept things quite sweet. This morning, she sent Little Miss Swiss Bankrolls a birthday confection. And, as the literal icing on the cake, Harrington called out her rival’s reluctance to face facts or submit to her own demands for transparency:


Here is Harrington’s press release:

Today is Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz 46th birthday. In the spirit of political sportsmanship, I sent Debbie a personalized birthday cake, expressing my best wishes to her on her big day.

This cake also serves as a reminder to Debbie that she continues to dodge my requests for five debates, as well as avoiding my numerous requests for her to release her tax returns.

Debbie claims to be “middle class.” So, by releasing her tax returns, Debbie will show that she truly believes in President Obama’s call for ‘Full transparency,’ and will be able to justify how a “middle class” American like herself can afford to take a thirty thousand dollar vacation cruise, drive two automobiles worth one hundred thousand dollars, and own two homes, including one in New Hampshire, that have a net worth of about one million dollars.

Happy Birthday Debbie!

Best Wishes,


*Wiping away tears* That. Was. Beautiful.

(Hat tip: Javier Manjarres)